I love photography because of its

positive impact on the human spirit.


Remember the Polaroid? It was my first camera and what started my love of photography. I took pictures of everything and everyone then waited with excited anticipation for the photo to appear. I couldn't wait to show it to the person in the picture and share in their excitement. I learned early that it was a fun and creative way to get to know people no matter where I was.

I focused my attention on boudoir photography initially because I love making women feel confident and beautiful. With the Cean One Team, I'm able to share in some of the most important moments of our client’s lives.

I have a twenty-something year-old daughter named Marti who I often refer to as "Ladybug". I'm always ready for adventure. I tend to talk a lot about food. I love a good joke. I really dig vintage albums and seeing concerts, too.

I’m a Southern Girl from Memphis and I'm always excited to get to know people and tell their stories through photos.